Search Engine Optimization

We all know Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines platform and use them in our daily life to search on various topics, but are you not eager to know how all this works, how in seconds you have the query answered pop on your screen with relevant data.

How does search engine work?

When you enter a set of words the web crawlers crawls billions of pages which are commonly referred as search engine bots or spiders. A search engine navigates the internet by downloading web pages and links on these pages to discover new pages and then the crawler is able to find new content and add it to their index to Store and organize the content found during the crawling process and once the page is in the index it is in the running process to pop up the result to relevant queries.

Ranking is the order of search results in relevance to the search query. The ranking of a website directly depends how accessible your web page is to crawlers and is index able. In general, you can assume that the higher a website is ranked, the more relevant the search engine believes that site is to the query.

What is the role of Search Engine Optimisation?

We can mainly divide SEO into two segments On-page & Off-page SEO with how rich our content is and how to make it happen.


In simple terms it is directly associated to your website, a complete study of keywords and competitors analysis and right content with the best SEO practice with technical work on the background can help your website to crawl in organic searches at the top of the search page. Optimizing of your website like speed, site structure and many more to make your website look awesome and mobile friendly all are well connected to On-Page SEO..

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As the name suggest it is not directly related to your website but a very integral part of a good SEO strategy. The main role of doing Off –page SEO is to generate good traffic to your site, and build your business brand with the help of social media and more activities like link building, local SEO and many more in the line to create exposure, brand awareness and trust among the potential customers..


For the best and good SEO strategy both go hand in hand to make your company crawl on the search engine page on the top ranking and at the same time increase your quality, popularity, awareness and trust between the potential customer and make you stand apart with your competitors. .

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